Folie auto exterior Carbon 3D Auriu fără bule
  • Folie auto exterior Carbon 3D Auriu fără bule

Carbon 3D carbon carbon foil without bubbles

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carbon 3D carbon outdoor foil without bubbles

Technology that eliminates the bubbles when mounting and prevents their formation

outer car usable

life span> 7 years

size 50 x 100 cm

color carbon 3D gold


Due to the resistance the foil is ideal for car use, and can be used even in maximum wear elements such as the car protection bar. The air channels on the rear of the foil ensure the foil to be installed without allowing the formation of air bubbles, thus becoming very easy, accessible even to people with no experience in tightness.


  • thickness 140 µm
  • more resistant than paint
  • special appearance
  • easy cleaning
  • prevents dust deposit
  • Mounting accessible to experienced people
  • Lifespan over 7 years
  • Allows to detach without traces
  • length 100 cm
  • width 50 cm
  • thickness 140 µm
  • Material - Ecological PVC
  • lifetime more than 7 years old
  • Color carbon 3D gold
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