Battery Jumpstart 6xusb Lithium-ion
  • Battery Jumpstart 6xusb Lithium-ion

Battery Jumpstart 6xusb Lithium-ion

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jump start battery, multiple starts

PowerBank High Capacity for 6xusb electronic devices, 2 fast-chart ports


  • what is a jump start battery? is an energy module capable of starting at least one thermal engine with the battery downloaded.
  • What is a power-bank? is an energy module capable of reloading electronic devices.
  • What can I use the Jump-Start 6xUSB battery?

    • Starting vehicle with unloaded battery (vanities, tourisms, trucks, SUV, jet-ski, motorcytes, ATVs, ultra-loser, motor boats, etc.)
    • loading electronic devices with USB charging (smartphone, tablet, laptop, drones, other gadgets).
    • car battery charging (van, tourisms, trucks, SUV, jet-ski, motorcytes, ATVs, ultra-losses, motor boats, etc.)
    • power-bank on hiking. camping, safety source
      • all jump-start batteries are Power-Bank? not always. Most Jump-Start batteries need a full charging to start an engine and use all the energy available at a single start.
      • Jump-Start Daptron battery is PowerBank? yes! The Jump-Start Daptron battery does not require to be completely charged to start a thermal engine that has its own downloaded battery. The Jump-Start Daptron battery can be used in repeated start, regardless of the loading level and remains enough current to charge a phone / tablet / laptop.
        • all jump-star batteries work the same? NOT ! The vast majority of Jump-Start batteries are based on the principle of high intensity and very scrutinated electric shock. This effect is harmful to the battery on the vehicle.
          • b ateria jump-start daptron has a smart principle? yes! lead-acid batteries on vehicles, once unloaded, require a time to return the internal reaction, during which the battery tension increases very suddenly without having capacity. Forced start (Jump-Start) or high intensity charge at this time is harmful to the battery on the vehicle. The principle of Smart of Jump-Start Daptron Battery uses a low-intensity charging current on the vehicle. Once the internal reaction begins to activate, the Smart Daptron battery begins to increase the intensity of the charging current. Now it can be tried to start the vehicle.
            • can I use the Jump-Start Daptron battery to recharge the vehicle battery without starting it? YES !
              • I have a motorcycle / scooter / ATV that do not use it in winter. Is it good to start it from time to time? The engines put in winter once started should be very well heated to eliminate the condensation that is formed inside the engine. Starting a very cold engine certainly leads to condensation formation inside the engine, condensation that can only be eliminated by temperatures above 100 degrees inside the engine - respectively a temperature of over 80 degrees of the oil. As this temperature cannot be reached by walking for 20-30 minutes, a motorcycle put in winter is good to be started only in the situation where it will be used.
              • In this situation it is preferable for the motorcycle battery to be charged with the Jump-Start Daptron battery.
                • can I only use the Jump-Start Daptron battery on my vehicle? no! electrical installations on vehicles (whether it is a car, motorcycle, ATV, ski-jet, etc.) are not designed for the voltage/charging curve of acid lead batteries.
                  • loading my vehicle no longer works! Is the Jump-Start Daptron battery useful? Yes! Avoid leaving the daptron battery coupled during the operation of the vehicle. In extreme situations (non -functional charging) the Daptant battery can be left coupled on the vehicle only in case the Daptron battery has less than 30% capacity!
                    • the Jump-Start Daptron battery has less than 20 %, can it be used to start / charge the motorcycle? YES! Jump-Start Daptron battery will provide all the energy available to the battery of the vehicle without "equalization". Reached under the working voltage the Daptron battery will be closed automatically.
                      • I put the phone / tablet to charge and now I want to start the motorcycle. Can "Jump-Start" work simultaneously charging your phone/tablet? YES! Sister Jump-Start and Power-Bank are totally separate and the necessary over-current will in no way influence the USB load module.
                        • I have a motorcycle in winter. Can I leave the Jump-Start Daptron battery coupled to the charging motorcycle battery? YES! If you have found that your car / motorcycle battery is discharged you can connect the Jump-Start battery to the vehicle battery without waiting. The battery will initially provide a low intensity current for regeneration in the lead-acid battery, then maintains a charging current appropriate to the type of battery to which it is coupled. After charging the lead-acid battery, the Jump-Start Daptron battery will maintain a floating voltage level of the two batteries. In this situation it is recommended to use the cable with slippers directly at the battery terminal.
                        • Starting way using the Jump-Start battery

                        • use the cable with pliers
                        • The red pliers are coupled to the plus terminal of the battery
                        • The cable jack with pliers is coupled to the Jump-Start battery.
                        • Black pliers are coupled to the minus terminal of the battery
                        • In the case of Jump-Start Daptron batteries with the current intensity level indicating until the current absorbed by the battery is maximum.
                          • If the current intensity level indicator is expected between 5 and 20 minutes depending on the size of the vehicle that is to be started.
                          • starts turnkey.
                            • In the situation where the vehicle does not start, cycles of 3 seconds are re -reached by the electromotor followed by 15 seconds break a maximum of 3 times after two minutes.
                            • The cable with pliers from the jump-start battery jump
                            • is disconnected
                            • The black pliers from the minus terminal are disconnected.
                            • The red pliers from the terminal plus are disconnected.
                            • Method of charging the vehicle battery using the Jump-Start Daptron battery

                              • use the cable with slippers
                              • Install the red cable cable shoe at the plus terminal of the vehicle
                              • The daptron battery is coupled
                              • The black cable slipper is installed at the minus terminal of the vehicle.
                              • loading started in the following stages
                                • Maximum charging voltage, low intensity for reaction reaction in the lead-acid battery. (about 5 minutes).
                                • Current intensity increasing current voltage decreased to floating voltage. (Between 5-20 minutes depending on the battery).
                                • Constant current load constant voltage at floating level. (How necessary).
                                • Constant voltage at floating level, decreasing intensity.
                                • Floating level - minimum intensity, constant voltage at the floating level.
                                • After step 3 the Jump-Start Daptron battery can be left coupled and unattended regardless of the period. Even at a complete discharge will not affect the battery charging level to which it is coupled, transferring full energy to the lead battery.
                                • The black cable cable shoe is disconnected from the minus terminal of the battery.
                                • The jump-start dapptron battery is disconnected
                                • The red slipper cable is disconnected from the Battery terminal.
                                • Package Content

                                  • Lithu-ion jump-start dapptron power bank 6xusb
                                  • cable with pliers.
                                  • slippers cable (optional)
                                  • network charger.
                                  • Lighter loader 12 V (optional).
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